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spelga dam accomodation
Spelga Dam Built in 1960

History Of Spelga Dam

Spelga Dam is located 7 miles from (10 minute drive)  Newcastle. It is a man made dam built in 1960.

spelga dam constructionSpelga Reservoir is a reservoir in the townland of Spelga, in the Mourne Mountains of County Down, Northern Ireland. It was formed by the Spelga Dam, in the area of Deers Meadow, and sits at over 1,200 ft above sea level.

The reservoir and dam were built as part of a project that had origins in the idea of supplying water to Belfast, in 1894. The Spelga Reservoir itself was developed between 1953 and 1957.

While the reservoir has not been stocked with fish for some years, it is home to wild trout. The Portadown and Banbridge areas receive their water supply from it.  The Dam was designed by the Belfast engineering firm of R. Ferguson and S. McIlveen, and construction was undertaken by John Laing & Sons. The photo below was of the current owners Grandad, Arthur Edgar (2nd from left in the back row) who was a foreman for a local Kilkeel Construction company.

The Electric Brae is the next entrance after Spelga House in front of the Dam, which is noted for it’s ability to make cars roll up the hill.  This small road is only about 30m long, and when people park their cars, turn off the engine, take it out of gear and release the handbrake the car appears to very slowly roll up the hill.